Sealander Caravan

The Sealander is a unique amphibious vehicle worldwide. It is a combination of a trailer, caravan, and yacht in one. The dynamic and modern product combines the high quality and aesthetics of boatbuilding with the flexibility of a mobile home.

The Sealander is an innovative lightweight vehicle that is a custom-made caravan in the first place. However, with the help of a few handles and an outboard engine, it turns into a swimming place for relaxation. No special license is needed to operate the Sealander. Just slide it into the water and go fishing, swimming, relaxing in the sun under the opened roof, having a delightful dinner at sunset, or doing whatever your heart desires—on land or on water!

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Best Sealander Caravans in GCC

Several features will make your sailing even more enjoyable. Additionally, these features comprise a convertible sunroof, a telescopic element that functions as a swim ladder, and a stainless steel handrail to ensure safe boarding. The Sealander is made of a one-piece hull formed of GRP (glass fiber-reinforced plastic). This material is extremely stable but light at the same time. The wide windows enable a great view of land and seascapes. The materials are finished with the finest details and precision. The sleek and lovely interior combines modern materials like stainless steel and plastic with more traditional materials like leather and wood. This fusion creates a clean and unique design.

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