Swincar - Electric Off-Road Vehicle

About Swincar E-Spider

The SWINCAR e-Spider isn’t just your typical electric off-road vehicle; it’s a true game-changer in the world of electric mobility. Not only does it prioritize the environment and the well-being of people, but it also delivers remarkable performance and exceptional handling while operating silently and leaving a minimal environmental footprint. This four-wheel-drive electric vehicle, proudly designed and crafted in France, sets itself apart with its patented pendulum design. This innovative feature allows it to tilt gracefully when turning or navigating slopes, a distinctive characteristic not found in any other vehicle on the market.

Driving the SWINCAR e-Spider is a breeze, thanks to user-friendly controls conveniently grouped around the steering wheel. What’s truly remarkable is that this vehicle is entirely hands-controlled, making it incredibly accessible, even for individuals with limited mobility. Moreover, the all-terrain version of the SWINCAR e-Spider is fully approved for public road use in France. It can be registered, equipped with essential road features like brake lights, high and low beam headlights, turn signals, a horn, a dedicated parking brake, a top-case rack, a tank, and even a 12V socket. In essence, the SWINCAR e-Spider redefines electric mobility, blending innovation, accessibility, and eco-consciousness in one remarkable package.

Electric Terrain Vehicle
Swincar - Electric Terrain Vehicle

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SWINCAR e-Spider Electric off road vehicle harnesses the natural forces of physics so that, like a pendulum, centrifugal force and gravity are combined in a natural equilibrium creating a very stable vehicle. Cornering or on slopes the driver remains horizontal whilst the wheels stay in contact with even the most uneven ground. There are four driving and steering wheels and when combined with the vehicle’s low centre of gravity, delivers an exciting but safe driving experience.

Downhill the engine brake recharges the batteries; this regenerative braking is very safe, durable and helps increase the range.