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Helight shines as a natural technology that regulates cellular metabolism with light. Laboratory tested, this innovative product uses powerful red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to effectively revitalize cells while also providing the body with an overall sense of well-being. Through Helight technology, cells benefit from the full power of repair.

Helight ™ Sleep, sleep well, sleep better.

Ever since the dawn of time, sunset has been the universal signal for falling asleep.

Recent scientific discoveries prove that the red hue emitted by the sunset is the component of the natural light spectrum most beneficial for falling asleep. So we reproduced it. So we reproduced it.

Helight ™ Sleep is the first solution in the world to diffuse pure 630 nanometers red light to promote sleep.

Unique, it thus helps to improve the quality of sleep while reducing the negative consequences of blue light from screens and other artificial lighting, to which we are all increasingly exposed on a daily basis.


Helight ™ PRO: the latest technological advances for wellness and recovery

This action of light on our body, called “photobiomodulation (PBM)” by scientists, has been used for many years in the medical world to promote healing, relieve pain or diminish inflammation. Helight ™ brings this solution to its professional customers:

  • Health and wellness professionals,  as a care and complementary care (Spas, hotels, wellness centers, beauty salons, physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, phytotherapists, naturopaths and other health and well-being practitioners).     
  • Athaletes, during warm up and to promote recovery.                                                    
  • Businesses, practicing well-being at work.                                                                       



Helight™ PRO device

Through a process comparable to photosynthesis in plants, Helight allows cells to transform light into energy. As a result, its abundant advantages greatly surpass the spectrum of traditional esthetic methods. Helight’s light is 100% natural, non-invasive, without side effects and painless.

long photons



short photons


Helight Pro


Designed and made in France, Helight™ PRO offers short procedures and visible results.

100% natural – Non invasive – No side effects – Painless

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Helight ™ Sleep will complement the aids you already use to improve your sleep. It is used at the very last moment of your day, just before falling asleep. You can therefore practice other techniques before, such as meditation or relaxation. Helight ™ Sleep can also accompany the luminous ambience of your sessions to make them even more pleasant and effective.

Insomnia is a disease that requires the advice of a doctor. Helight ™ Sleep is not a medical device. On the other hand, it is a well-being device, a tool that helps improve the quality of falling asleep and sleeping for those who suffer from more or less significant sleep disorders.

Helight ™ Sleep has been designed so simple that anyone can use it. Just press the red button on the device.

In terms of technical design, it is much more complicated: contrary to appearances, Helight ™ Sleep is not a simple red light like any other, not a simple bulb. Our red is precisely calibrated to emit only the wavelength most beneficial for your sleep, the one that researchers are studying today in the laboratory and which takes the best of the light spectrum emitted by the setting sun. The manufacturing process of the components used is therefore very technical, to obtain a very pure light spectrum.

In our western culture, the color red is considered exciting. But scientific work shows that red light is, on the contrary, a calming and soothing light.

Light with a blue component, which dominates screens or artificial lighting, disturbs our biological rhythms. To find out more, read our page “ red light for sleeping ”

The mechanism behind Helight ™ Sleep is that of a universal signal for falling asleep: red light. Helight ™ Sleep can therefore work for everyone, since our device is based on the biological functions of the human body. Of course, the effects felt can vary depending on the users, the situations and their habits.

Yes, because the receptors in your retina that pick up light are extremely sensitive: you can close your eyes after switching on the Helight ™ Sleep and let yourself go. The light will gradually go out.

No. Helight ™ Sleep uses a natural biological mechanism to help you improve the quality of sleep. Its use fits into your habits without changing anything. It poses no risk to your health.

Yes ! Our real-world tests are made up of a very large panel of people: children, adults, the elderly, people who are more athletic, others who are more sedentary, people subject to daily stress, others less… Among our testers, the rate of improvement in falling asleep is 75%. In almost 20% of cases, people have obtained positive results after ten days of use.

Yes, it’s even a good idea to help you get back to sleep faster. Since the device is portable and light, you can also use it as a flashlight if you have to get up in the middle of the night. This will avoid using the aggressive lighting of the ceiling!

Helight ™ light is specially designed to have a biological action, so it differs from a lighting or reading lamp. That being said, depending on the location of the device chosen, if it allows you to read a few pages before falling asleep and you enjoy reading with it, no problem!

For the smartphone, we can only recommend that you do not use it at the same time as the Helight ™ Sleep because the blue light it emits can disturb the beneficial action of the red light. If you really want to use your phone at bedtime, use Helight ™ Sleep when you are done, when you are ready to fall asleep.

Our advice: install the device where it seems most obvious to you. Some users prefer, for instance, to move it away a little, so that the light bathes the whole room and creates a dimly lit atmosphere throughout the room. Other users put it on their nightstand. No matter where you place it, Helight ™ Sleep will have the same effectiveness.