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Why Dizo Bikes ?

For over 30 years, Dizo Bikes has dedicated itself to manufacturing and developing high-performance road bikes. Our goal is to enable riders of all levels to experience the joy and satisfaction of riding a DIZO.

As passionate cyclists, we create performance bikes that we ourselves would love to ride. That’s why we develop and engineer them our own way, right here in Munich, Germany. Each prototype undergoes rigorous testing and is ridden by our team of passionate riders, bike engineers, and our former professional rider.

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Dizo Bikes: Made For Performance

The creation of our bikes is a result of an international and passionate group effort, it requires every individual’s hard work and specific skills. Our young R&D team in Munich and the engineers in Taiwan work closely to create the new generation of bikes.
Through the constant testing and development from DIZO’s pro riders, designers, engineers, and production managers, we work to turn our concepts into reality. In production, we monitor every part of the manufactoring process: from the selection of carbon fiber, the shape of prepreg cutting, the frame structure forming, and the final decal and painting to finished bikes. All done to ensure our most important attribute: quality.

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Dual Mold Forming Technology

A high molecular polymer has been used in the frame structure forming to create a smooth inner surface. This gives the carbon additional strength and accuracy in the areas that will be spliced. All this gives us a final frame which is lighter and stronger.

Nano Carbon Foundation – CNT Tech

DIZO utilizes CNT (Carbon Nanotubes) technology by adding it into epoxy resin of the frame, where the CNT fills the gaps in the structure. With CNT requiring less epoxy resin, our framesets have less weight and an increased performance of the frame flex and its fracture toughness.

Hidden Cable Routing (HCR)

DIZO’s disc brake frames allow for internal cable routing through the inside or underneath the stem. This cable routing gives a neat look while improving aerodynamics.

Rear Triangle Impact Resistance

DIZO engineers have been working on strengthening the rear triangle of the frame by simulating different levels of tube deformation. The feedback and result are analyzed by DIZO engineers to strike the perfect balance of stiffness and flex of the rear triangle.

Weight Balance Optimization

DIZO engineers test repetitively to look for the perfect balance of fork and frame weight for all bike designs. This allows us to find the perfect balance to provide the customer with optimal handling, agile and descending stability characteristics.

Aero Compact Design

The curves and design of the frame tubes have been shaped with the help of our wind tunnel testing to ensure the peak wind reduction capabilities. By keeping the front of the tube round, and the rear flat, we are able to keep the section light and aerodynamic.

Road Bikes


Each DIZO product is made with the best carbon fiber techniques by our passionate craftsmen.
Our professions are dedicated to achieve the best results during the production, design, and testing. We ensure the best quality at every step: from the manufacturing, the cutting and the layup of the carbon fiber prepreg, the forming of the frame, the spraying of the paint, and assembly of the final bike.
DIZO allows no compromise when it comes to quality or safety. To ensure the quality and safety of the bikes, the top quality of carbon fiber from Japan is selected for the frame structure, and to bring a quality standard that is 20% more strict than ISO and EN test standard to all bikes.

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