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Our Story

ALMA INTERNATIONAL GENERAL TRADING L.L.C is a General Trading company established in Dubai in 2005.

We have focused from the first day of establishing the company to bring to our customers in the Middle East the cutting-edge technologies in different fields.

We have been always successful in launching innovative and sustainable products in variety of fields to our esteemed customers.

Our unique & exciting concept is deloevoping with time with a goal to be the first in its kind in our region.

To achieve our goals in getting satisfactory results & customers satisfaction, we always rely on:

  • the full support from our partners/manufacturers and
  • on implementing flexible, modern & UpToDate business plans.

We have invested and continue investing in inventories, demos, spare parts, technical and after sales service, rental places, participating in trade shows…etc


We are proud to partner with talented companies manufacturing the most innovative & patented products that combine Luxury with Safety & Wellbeing.
Chief Executive Officer

Why Choose Us




Possibility to inquire about the product required before or after the application process

24/7 Support

Offering 24-hour/7-days customer service is a fantastic customer benefit with response time less than 3 hours