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Charly café offers you its products.

Its flagship product: the 120 coffees / hour module, luminous version with changing colors with a pressure of 20 bar.

1. The french factory is purchasing the best beans of arabicas in Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia.

2. When they are roasting the beans they do not burn them in order to save the natural flavours. we are “cooking” the beans. Others are mixing low quality beans 50 to 70 % with good beans and they burn them to hide the bad taste of coffee

3. We do not add any additive or chemical products like Nespresso. Our coffee capsule and green tea are 100 % natural.
The capsule doe not contain aluminium (=elzheimer, very dangerous for health like Nespresso)
The filter is organic baker paper

4. Our capsules are designed only for to work with our espresso machine.

5. As our capsules do not contain any chemical additive aromas, they need a high pressure in order to extract the natural flavor of the coffee

6. That means it  is a unique concept : Very high selection of the coffee beans purchased by the factory
Special roasting + natural capsule
Espresso machine fitted to the capsule with high pressure.

A French Savoir-Faire

Our range of expresso coffee machines, including the LEDDIES (the only expresso machine with leds – 16 colours) and their MULTI-COLOURED CAPSULES of unique coffees and teas invite you to discover a world of FLAVORS THAT EXPRESSES THE FRENCH ART OF ESPRESSO.

Discover the technical performances of our machines (20 bar pump for the Clubbies and 22 for the Leddies) that ensure optimal extraction of the aromas from our gourmet coffee capsules produced in Marseilles.

Discover the Charly Café’s illuminated espresso machine.

Fully assembled by hand, it takes 25 hours of work to recognize the birth of this machine that combines good taste and aesthetics.
Made in France with care, this machine is made of stainless steel which is a true advantage of maintenance and finishing quality.

A machine for professionals: a special espresso machine for restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.
3 programmable touch keys: short coffee, long coffee …
Hot water faucet
Transparent, bright and multi-color: 16 alternating colors
The pump pressure is 19 bar
Anti-lime and limestone: does not produce clay or limestone
The water tank is removable
Hardness and durability of stainless steel
The espresso machine is equipped with an extractable drip tray
It uses a capsule ejection system
Used capsule recovery tray: capacity of 30 capsules
Automatic switch to start and stop brew preparation
Preheat time: 12 minutes
Capacity of 140 coffee per hour
Hourly consumption: 65 watts
Espresso machine resistance power: 650 watts
Manufacturing: Made in France in Marseille
Compatible with professional espresso capsules

Expresso Machine

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Tea Capsules

Light green tea mint sugar

Dark green tea mint sugar

Yellow Tea Lemon Sugar