Cycl Winglights™


What Are Cycl WingLights?

Cycl Winglights are indicators specifically made for bicycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters. Their main purpose is to make cycling safer by giving clear signals when you want to turn. They are designed to show which way a cyclist is planning to go and to make the cyclist more noticeable to others on the road. In essence, WingLights make it easier for cyclists to be seen and understood by drivers and pedestrians, which is especially important in situations like heavy traffic or when dealing with tricky road conditions.

Cycl Winglights
Cycl Winglights™

How Cycl WingLights Work?

With a single tap, WingLights produce a bright flashing amber light, clearly indicating the rider’s intention to turn to others on the road. Additionally, WingLights 360 offer a constant position light feature: a red light facing the rear and a white light facing the front. To activate this feature, you hold down the button until the lights turn on and adjust them to the correct position. This lighting system, which combines position and signals, is similar to what’s found on other vehicles, which helps build on the existing understanding between different road users.

A recent study conducted by Brunel University demonstrated that when handlebar lights were used to signal the presence of a bicycle, it led to increased caution from drivers (Bishop, Broadbent, Sachdeva & Patel, 2020). This suggests that WingLights can actively enhance a cyclist’s visibility to other road users.

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Which WingLights Should I Choose ?

We offer a variety of WingLights to accommodate various budgets and requirements. All WingLights are specifically crafted to be compatible with bicycles or e-scooters featuring straight (flat bars) handlebars or those with a curvature of up to 30Âş. In cases where handlebars are equipped with grips, these grips should be removed to facilitate the installation of the mounters. WingLights are designed to seamlessly fit into the round hollows of the handlebars, with a required diameter ranging from 14.7mm to 23mm.

Additionally, please note that DropLights have been specifically created for bicycles with drop bars.


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