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Who enjoys exercising with Endless Pools®?

Families looking to fit fitness into a busy schedule. People who have weight loss goals they’d prefer to accomplish in the privacy of their homes. Active seniors who value independence. Athletes who stand to benefit from low-impact training options. Kids who benefit from more activity with workouts that disguise themselves as everyday pool parties. All ages. All abilities. All stages of life. Having anytime-access to a refreshing, stimulating, invigorating aquatic routine puts fitness within reach in so many ways and for so many people. In short, home workouts with Endless swimming pools can benefit every body.

# More than 20,000 customers in 100 countries have realized the dream of swimming at home with an Endless Pool. Here, you can find the Endless Pool that’s perfect for your home, your goals, and your lifestyle.

What are the benefits of Endless Swimming Pools?

You can use aquatic exercise to improve heart health and build muscle. Land-based exercise can cause high-impact strain. But water naturally provides buoyancy, which takes the pressure off joints while providing 360-degree resistance for a total-body workout every time.

Extraordinary Excercise Pool Experience

With full temperature control, custom depths, and our world-renowned resistance current, Endless Pools® products provide ideal environments for exercise with added core resistance. You can boost your pool’s versatility with our exclusive Underwater Treadmill, lightweight Aquabike, and our expansive range of accessories that support everything from aquatic Pilates to rowing. You bring your fitness goal, and we’ll bring you results. All from the convenience of your home.

Some Of Our Best Swimming Pools

The Orginal

From family fun to fitness, you can enjoy a year-round pool season.

The Performance Pool

A smoother, larger current for fitness, fun & all levels of swimmers

The Elite Pool

Used by NCAA & Olympic swimmers for its amazing speed, power & comfort

The Dual Propulsion Pool

Our Original current, times two, for busy families & active couples.

High Performance Pool

For serious athletes, this model delivers more challenging workouts

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Best Swimming Pool Contractor in UAE & KSA

Current Swimming

Our large-size fan system creates a broad, deep, unbroken pool that is wider than your body and deeper than your brain stroke. Fully adjustable in speed, it is the best lap exercise pool that is available in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC region.

Environment-Friendly Exercise Swimming Pool

More environmentally friendly than traditional swimming pools – they require less space, water and energy. Due to the quality of water and innovative water purification systems, endless swimming pools require less chlorine than the normal.

Space Saving Feature

The small size of the Exercise swimming pool, combined with the current swimming pool and the underwater walker, allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of a traditional pool in a small part of the space.

Best Underwater Treadmill Company

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Frequently Asking Questions

Endless Pools provides a variety of pool and spa models, each offering a range of choices, leading to potential price differences. To obtain the price relevant to the model that aligns with your requirements and lifestyle, we kindly ask you to connect with a Design Representative at +971 4304 2356.

Our Fitness and Exercise systems come in single-shell, molded acrylic designs. They are delivered pre-plumbed and pre-wired, making them ideal for outdoor use and new construction projects. The Original Endless Pools series is entirely modular, allowing all its components to easily fit through standard doorways and down staircases. This flexibility enables installation in various locations, ranging from basements to rooftops, even within existing rooms. To delve into distinctions in appearance, swim current, and other features, kindly refer to our Comparison page.

An Endless Pool needs very little maintenance compared to a regular pool. You only need to spend a few minutes each week to test the water and add some regular household bleach. Also, the Endless Pool’s filter should be replaced every three to six months, depending on how much the pool is used. The mineral cartridges that keep the water clean should also be changed every three to six months.

Our Dual Propulsion Endless Pool has two separate swim currents that can be adjusted to different speeds. This allows two people to swim next to each other simultaneously.

Alma International General Trading is the official dealer for Endless Pools in Dubai, UAE. They also cover Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East region. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Alma International General Trading has successfully installed more than 100 pools across the GCC region. For any inquiries, please contact them directly.