Underwater Mirrors

Make Real-Time Progress

It’s so simple, yet it’s unprecedented. Our stainless steel mirrors provide the unique opportunity to view your every movement as you swim in one place.

Use our swim mirrors to monitor your swimming technique. Suddenly, you have the ability to fine-tune each stroke in real time. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’re doing and what needs adjustment. And you can immediately connect how the movement looks with how it feels, for ongoing reinforcement.

Underwater Treadmill

Make Every Step Smarter

Explore the endless benefits of walking or running in the water. Minimal joint impact. Less muscle soreness. That wonderful ‘ahhhhh’ feeling as you submerge into own temperature-controlled pool.

With our exclusive Underwater Treadmill, your experience expands to include more opportunities for weight loss, rehab, pain management, and cross-training. If you have arthritis, back problems, or any chronic pain, this could make a huge difference in how you feel. Ask your doctor how aquatic exercise can help you manage your symptoms, increase flexibility, and heighten your overall sense of well-being.

Swim Spa Covers & Lifters

For Security & Ease

When you have the right spa in place, you need the right cover (and lifter) too. Choose from our wide variety of swim spa covers and lifters to suit any length and to maximize your ease of operation. All of our insulated swim spa covers are designed for security, durability, and resistance to mildew, mold, and UV light. Our covers also provide much needed security, with locking mechanisms to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Wondering which cover and lifter combination would work best for your installation? Your Endless Pools® representative is here to help you plan the ideal scenario for your goals and your home.

Pool Covers

Choose Peace of Mind

Without a doubt, the most important feature we build into every pool cover is peace of mind.

For indoor Endless Pools® installations, our pool covers are an essential way to keep kids and pets out, while trapping heat and humidity in. For outdoor installations, a secure pool cover protects against neighborhood children and critters, while keeping the water free of leaves and other debris.

Beyond security, you’ll also have your choice of colors, manual or automatic, above-deck or below-deck for the most polished look. And rest assured: All of our pool covers meet stringent ASTM F1346 safety standards.

Talk to your Endless Pools representative about how to select the most suitable pool cover for you, your home, and your loved ones.

Endless Pools® App

Workout Smarter

If you’re serious about fitness or training, we have an app for that. Expand your pool’s possibilities with our Endless Pools Fit@Home app for smartphones and tablets.

Use the app to control basic functions, like current and treadmill settings. Or use it to create and save advanced workouts, so you’re always just a few taps away from your custom pace or interval programs.

When you order your pool, make sure to request the App Kit, and we’ll deliver your pool with built-in Wi-Fi compatibility. Then download the Endless Pools Fit@Home app for free for iOS or Android.

Endless Pools® Aquabike

A New Way to Ride a Wave

Achieve the hard-earned results of a vigorous bike ride—without ever hitting the road. When you add our lightweight Aquabike to your Endless Pools Dubai model, you can experience a stationary cycling workout in water set to your ideal temperature. Stay cool as you burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health. Our Aquabike is packed with adjustable features that maximize your comfort and give you a perfect fit.

Endless pools provide a cost-effective, practical solution, whether indoors or outdoors.

Endless pool Dubai UAE
Endless Pool

In-ground pools demand extensive space and incur high heating costs during colder seasons. In contrast, Endless Pools’ models are space-efficient and can be fitted with insulating covers, ensuring better heat retention and greater cost-effectiveness.

The range of Endless Pools models offers versatility, allowing installation both indoors and outdoors. Despite the perception of indoor pool rooms as luxurious, compact options like our Original Series, WaterWell®, and Streamline® pools present a cost-effective and practical alternative for basements, game rooms, indoor spas, or covered patios.

Leland and Wendy from Spokane, Washington, maintained a daily exercise routine using their basement-based Original model for years. Currently, as they design their new home, they’re planning to include their second indoor Endless Pools purchase—an E550 swim spa.

Looking for measurable results? Water cycling can get you there. Just a 20-minute ride on the Aquabike can give you that all-natural ‘exercise high’ that packs positivity into your day.