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SWINCAR e-Spider harnesses the natural forces of physics so that, like a pendulum, centrifugal force and gravity are combined in a natural equilibrium creating a very stable vehicle. Cornering or on slopes the driver remains horizontal whilst the wheels stay in contact with even the most uneven ground. There are four driving and steering wheels and when combined with the vehicle’s low centre of gravity, delivers an exciting but safe driving experience.

Downhill the engine brake recharges the batteries; this regenerative braking is very safe, durable and helps increase the range.


Three Models To Start With!

More than just a cross-country vehicle, the SWINCAR e-Spider represents the art of electric mobility whilst respecting both the environment and others.

SWINCAR combines high performance and great driving sensation with silent running and low environmental footprint.

The SWINCAR e-Spider is a four-wheel drive electric vehicle capable of operating across a wide variety of terrains.

Designed and manufactured in France, it stands out radically from all other vehicles on the market as a result of its exclusive patented pendulum design, which tilts as the vehicle turns and ascends or descends slopes.


The friendly to use controls grouped around the steering wheel make driving easy. The SWINCAR e-Spider is controlled using hands only, making it very accessible, even to persons of reduced mobility.


The SWINCAR e-Spider MAGA can be driven on public roads in France and this version comes with rear lights, dipping headlights, turn signals, horn, parking brake, top case rack, tank and 12V socket.

The European (EU) road approval L6e-A has been obtained for the SWINCAR e-Spider one seater version. This will allow to register it and travel on all European roads.

The optional equipment includes: mud guards, mirrors, top case rack and detachable top case, safety harness, reclining rally seat, telescopic link which allows the opening of articulated legs enabling access for persons with reduced mobility (PMR ), wooden transport crate (ISPN15), SE14C packaging is available and recommended for sea freighting.


The SWINCAR light electric 4×4 has all sorts of uses:

– Leisure: fun, cross country travel, competitions, exploration,
– Agriculture (vineyards on hillsides, mountainous and remote land …)
– Public service and emergency services
– Accessible for persons with reduced mobility (PMR)
– Transporting equipment across difficult terrain
– Scientific research: geology, biology and ecology

/   30 km/h              /   4 hours                /   4 kW

Technical features
  • 4 wheel drive provided by 4 individual wheel motors
  • 4 independent steering wheels
  • Rated power 4kW (peak> 12kW)
  • Maximum torque: 340Nm
  • 4kWh batteries built into the chassis
  • Range up to 4hrs including 1000m of climbing
  • Battery re-charging during descent and deceleration
  • Steering wheel controls (throttle and brakes)
  • Reverse, lighting, parking brake, plate holder
  • Cargo rack and tank
  • Nacelle and wheels in pendulum balance
  • Independent swivel crossbars
  • Aluminium chassis and suspension mounts
  • 4 combined spring shock absorbers
  • Adjustable seat (delivered with cover)
  • External charger (charging in 2.5 hours)
  • Ground clearance 26 cm
  • Climbing ability: slopes up to> 50%
  • Cross slope stability: up to> 50%
  • Cross axle or diagonal suspension: up to 2×50%

French road legal model: The Swincar e-Spider version MAGA has been approved road legal in France since July 2017 (MAGA approval Machine Agricole Automotrice). It can be insured and registered.


The speed of a MAGA approved agricultural vehicle is limited to a maximum of 25 km / h on the road.


The European (EU) road approval L6e-A has been obtained for the SWINCAR e-Spider one seater version. This will allow to register it and travel on all European roads.


European approval (L6e-A) has been obtained for Swincar e-Spider one seater version. this will allow SWINCAR to be driven on roads throughout Europe.


In 2018 the French Institute of Design,

sponsored by the Ministers of Industry, Trade and Foreign Trade, awarded SWINCAR the JANUS label for Industry for its SWINCAR e-Spider pendulum electric quadricycle.

With SWINCAR a new relationship between mobility, the environment, security, ease of use, pleasure and respect for others is possible.


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