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Startpath Eco Chips

What are Starpath Eco Chips?

Starpath Eco Chips is an eco-friendly, green energy solution powered by UV light for pathways and cycleways. It plays a crucial role in combating climate change by reducing our reliance on expensive street lighting. Nevana Designs specializes in cutting-edge, light-responsive coatings and compounds that promote environmentally sustainable, self-sufficient energy-saving solutions.

Starpath consists of a simple eco-chip that is embedded into concrete or tarmac surfaces during installation. These chips absorb UV rays during the daylight hours and emit this stored energy as light during the night. This product is not only environmentally friendly but also minimizes light pollution, which is essential for the well-being of natural ecosystems. Since 2013, Starpath has been recognized as the world’s first UV-powered pathway.

For Glow In The Dark Road Markings In GCC

Our light-responsive granules are applied onto existing surfaces, typically tarmac or concrete. These granules are made from a durable composite material carefully designed to turn pathways and road surfaces worldwide into self-sustaining areas. This enhanced surfacing system builds upon the original patented STARPATH technology, offering a more cost-effective solution with an even brighter surface that is now accessible globally.

STARPATH is offered as a comprehensive surfacing system, including resin and aggregate mix, or as a standalone glowing granular component.

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How long will STARPATH glow?

Our testing has shown STARPATH to glow up to 10 hours. The better the UV conditions, the longer and brighter the glow produced.

How is STARPATH applied?

We’ve developed STARPATH to work seamlessly with existing resin bound surfacing solutions. The product can be combined with most stones

What is STARPATH Made of?

Over the last 10 years STARPATH has evolved into a complex balance of rare-earth materials and composite plastics. The result is a surface material that is both hard wearing and long lasting.

Glow In Dark Roads - Key Features

  • The Starpath is a straightforward eco-friendly chip that gets embedded into the concrete or tarmac surface during installation. These chips absorb sunlight’s UV rays during the day and emit it as light energy at night – Glow in dark roads.
  • This product is not only eco-friendly but also generates minimal to no light pollution, which is vital for the preservation of the environment.
  • This naturally occurring Earth product is non-toxic, has a lengthy lifespan, and doesn’t need any artificial power source.
  • This maintenance-free green energy solution has the capability to decrease dependence on costly and environmentally harmful street lighting systems currently in use.
  • With this highly feasible option accessible globally, individuals entrusted with the decision-making responsibility must make significant choices not only for their own future but also for the well-being of future generations.
  • This crucial innovation in green energy is poised to make a significant contribution to mitigating climate change and advancing the transition toward a net-zero future.
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