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Naki New Zeeland Manuka Honey

Pure, raw, mānuka honey straight from the mānuka plant to you

Only here in the Taranaki backcountry does a unique type of wild mānuka grow undisturbed by other introduced species, chemicals or farming. Each year, precious mānuka plants flower for a short time, and the bees get to work. Mānuka honey production is strictly limited, making every jar of Naki Honey a limited edition.

About mānuka honey

Take daily as a health supplement or enjoy it as an addition to meals and drinks. Mānuka’s antibacterial properties make this honey suitable to use topically. Naki Honey consists of the land, the beekeepers, beehives and the bottling factory. Because of this, we ensure an unbroken chain of quality from pollen to the pot, and you receive a mānuka honey full of healthy goodness

Pure mānuka guarantee

Every pot of Naki mānuka honey is traceable back to the hive. It’s our guarantee that any honey bearing the Naki name is pure and authentic.

Ingredients: 100% wild New Zealand mānuka honey

Designed to fit in your pocket to give you pure mānuka honey wherever you go. Rich in flavour and rich in health benefits, pure mānuka honey can help support digestive health, treat infections and support natural healing and bacterial balance. A single-serve sachet of honey to add to your coffee or share with friends. From the hive to the pocket!

Pure, UMF™ 5+ mānuka honey
Single-serve sachet to have on-the-go or added to food or tea
Meets the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) grading system for mānuka honey

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