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better in your mind – better in you body – better in your skin

Helight shines as a natural technology that regulates cellular metabolism with light. Laboratory tested, this innovative product uses powerful red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to effectively revitalize cells while also providing the body with an overall sense of well-being. Through Helight technology, cells benefit from the full power of repair.

Helight ™ Sleep, sleep well, sleep better.

Ever since the dawn of time, sunset has been the universal signal for falling asleep.

Recent scientific discoveries prove that the red hue emitted by the sunset is the component of the natural light spectrum most beneficial for falling asleep. So we reproduced it. So we reproduced it.

Helight ™ Sleep is the first solution in the world to diffuse pure 630 nanometers red light to promote sleep.

Unique, it thus helps to improve the quality of sleep while reducing the negative consequences of blue light from screens and other artificial lighting, to which we are all increasingly exposed on a daily basis.

Helight ™ PRO: the latest technological advances for wellness and recovery

This action of light on our body, called “photobiomodulation (PBM)” by scientists, has been used for many years in the medical world to promote healing, relieve pain or diminish inflammation. Helight ™ brings this solution to its professional customers:

  • Health and wellness professionals, as a care and complementary care (Spas, hotels, wellness centers, beauty salons, physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, phytotherapists, naturopaths and other health and well-being practitioners).
  • Athaletes, during warm up and to promote recovery.
  • Businesses, practicing well-being at work.

Helight ™ Care

Helight™ PRO device

Through a process comparable to photosynthesis in plants, Helight allows cells to transform light into energy. As a result, its abundant advantages greatly surpass the spectrum of traditional esthetic methods. Helight’s light is 100% natural, non-invasive, without side effects and painless.

long photons



short photons


Helight Pro


Designed and made in France, Helight™ PRO offers short procedures and visible results.

100% natural – Non invasive – No side effects – Painless

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