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First, the dateline is Syracuse, NY.  It’s a story about kids playing with ALCOHOL-CRAMMED hand sanitizer, and causing a nearly deadly situation; using it to start a fire in their bedroom!  Cringe at the details here.  https://bit.ly/2PDWr0G

Some of the blame here comes from access to the internet, with kids seeing videos of oafs their age starting fires with ALCOHOL-SPEWING hand sanitizers.

They think it is a joke.  It’s NOT.

Another part of the blame is that ANY CHILD can purchase ALOCHOL-OVERLOADED hand sanitizer at virtually any store in America.  There SHOULD be laws that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to buy products like that to minors.

Regrettably, it will take more injuries or deaths to make policy maker seven think about constructing laws that are truly crucial to the public’s health and safety; even when it comes to children.

Don’t look for that anytime soon, as politicians are too busy fighting over political ideology, getting reelected and having their own pockets filled in some cases.

And yes, some of the blame stems from parenting; or lack thereof.

TELL your kids how dangerous ALCOHOL-LOADED hand sanitizers truly are.

Next, here’s another fire story from Spokane Valley, Washington about TOXIC ALCOHOL hand sanitizer being misused(from of all places) vandalized portable potties.  Click here and grimace again.  https://bit.ly/2wJ2xFV

That story should show you the lengths some kids and adults will go in order to cause vandalism, or perhaps to get a buzz.

Parents, make certain to do just ONE piece of business today, especially if you have any ALCOHOL-BASED hand sanitizing products in your residence.  Throw it away safely, lock it away or at very least, put it in a place that is totally unobtainable to young children and even teens.

The reasons are plentiful, including:

  1. Starting FIRES with ALCOHOL-FILLED hand sanitizers and a lighter or match in your home or elsewhere

  2. ALCOHOL-BASED hand sanitizer accidental POISONIN Gamong toddlers

  3. ALCOHOL-LADEN hand sanitizers are used by kids, ‘tweens and teens in order to get DRUNK

Say this out loud to your kids today. “ALCOHOL hand sanitizers are FLAMMABLE and TOXIC!”

Moms, have the old man (or do it yourself if he’s mechanically- deficient) build an impenetrable locked box, storage bin, nuclear bunker or underground cave, secret staircase, safe deposit unit, hidden laboratory—anything to keep it away from them.

Poison control centers nationwide have seen increases in the number of hysterical calls from parents, because one or more of their small kids or teens got a hold of alcohol-based hand sanitizing products.

Next time you need a hand sanitizer, get one WITHOUT ALCOHOL; like the 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer—safeHands® brand.

The obvious way to sanitize your hands is to use soap and warm water. I advocate doing that first and foremost.  But know that if you extremely overdo hand-washing, like using an ALCOHOL-SOURCED hand sanitizer, you can make your hands dry and produce a potential breeding-ground for germs to get trapped in cracks in your skin.

That won’t happen with safeHands® brand soothing 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer.

The prevention of getting harmful germs seems uncomplicated. My hope is that you react to my blogs in a constructive way. After all; these are your kids!

The safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE patented formulation meets all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended testing protocols, with the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride, kills 99.99% of germs – all WITHOUT ANY ALCOHOL!

Additionally, unlike ALCOHOL-INFESTED products, safeHands® brand moisturizes while it sanitizes; even on sensitive skin.

With the foaming safeHands® brand hand sanitizer, you get all the benefits of alcohol, without any side effects.  The science is here.  https://bit.ly/2Hek24m

Purchase bottles of safeHands® via AMAZON. https://amzn.to/2Gvzic0

Or, buy straight from the safeHands® brand website. https://bit.ly/2rPBbvy

Reach me at BigJaySorensen@gmail.com.

Smart health starts with safeHands®.

Spread the word, not the germs.


Swincar E-Spider: The Most Robust ATV Of All Time

Swincar e-spider: The Most Robust ATV

MECANROC, a French Company, founded by Mr. Pascasl Rambaud and Mr.Jerome Arsac coordinately developed one of the most adventurous, fun-filled, recreational ATV named Swincar!

Cornering by Swincar (Courtesy: MECANROC)


Swincar is designed in such a way that it can move in almost every terrain, including hills, off roads, small water streams. On top of that, it is fully electric with each wheel having its own power so that you can ride adventurously without pollution!

Swincar Concept

First of all, the engineers designed the Swincar by basically keeping in mind a spider. When a spider moves forward, individual legs adjust the elevation irrespective of the terrain. In the same manner, swincar’s individual wheels can adjust to the terrain. The driver sits in a suspended cabin. Each individual wheel has independent suspension and an electric motor which connects to the steering. The entire design concept focuses on the drivability in almost all terrains. The ATV  achieves this with the free movement of wheels due to gravity. It does not involve any electronics.

Now Corner on four wheels with swincar

The most amazing future of this ATV is that it can corner like motorcycles! All the wheels can tilt symmetrically, which gives swincar an incredible feel of cornering! Surprisingly, only the centrifugal force achieves this tilting ability. In the tilted situation, the platform or cabin remains horizontal keeping driver in a safe position!

Swincar Design

The wheels and streamlined casing on the outer side of the vehicle act like a pendulum which yields equilibrium to the vehicle thereby helping to achieve tilting in the corners and correction of tilt on slopes. To avoid too much freedom to the wheels, the ATV employs a push-pull mechanism in both the directions.

Swincar (Courtesy: MECANROC)
Swincar (Courtesy: MECANROC)

So, all this helps in achieving the right balance between the platform and the movement of the wheels. While the driver’s platform is suspended below the hub, which opens the possibility of movement of the wheels up and down 70% grades and across 50% grades.

Swin car power units

Swincars’ individually articulated wheels have a 1000W, brush-less motor which gives unexceptional torque and power. All wheels come with regenerative braking technology so that the battery charges when you apply the brakes. This helps the battery to last longer. So the battery life is almost up to 4 hours of driving in hilly terrains.

Swincar Application

Elevation Adjustment by Swin-car (Courtesy: MECANROC)

In addition, the E-spider is Light and nimble with extraordinary terrain crossing capabilities. You can drive this ATV on the snow as well. Individual independent suspensions are extremely helpful on slopes, hilly areas, and highly undulating terrains. It can also be utilized for military operations due to its maneuverability and agility. In addition, it is adaptable for disabled persons which will help them for commuting. Very useful, isn’t it?

For more information, please click here.

Watch Swincar in action:

[youtybe vid=xW6bTE0XdWI]


The first center in the world to be exclusively dedicated to photobiomodulation

Photobiomodulation has effects on: pain relief and inflammationsstressseasonal depressionmood regulation and sleep quality, muscular recovery and athletic performances, anti-agingcapillary densification and hair loss prevention.




The power of light is finally in Montreal

Through a process comparable to photosynthesis in plants, Helight allows cells to transform light into energy. This energy enables the cell to gain back it’s restorative power. As a result, its abundant advantages greatly surpass the spectrum of traditional care. Helight’s light is 100% natural, non-invasive, without side effects and painless.

Helight™ to go!

Buy a Helight™ PRO device for corporate wellness in your business, for your clinic and even for the entire family at home.

No garage? No problem. Encapsulate your car in the shape-shifting GazeBox

The cost of building a single parking stall in a Seattle residential garage is an estimated $20,000 and $50,000, according to . That cost gets passed on to the renters, who can pay $500 more a month in low‐rise apartments, a 2012 Portland, Oregon study found.

The GazeBox likely won’t solve these problems, but it might offer an interesting alternative if your home doesn’t come equipped with a garage. The structure is meant to provide shelter for your car — keeping it safe from sun, rain, ice, snow, and birds — but also transform into a gazebo when the car is parked elsewhere.

The iron framework and polycarbonate panels are movable, to either close down around your car or open up on the sides and let you get some shade. Either side of the structure opens up sort of like a traditional garage, using the included remote. Users can also add on an alarm system or air conditioner.


he Italian company that makes the GazeBox claims it’s easy to anchor to the ground and doesn’t require any special permits if it’s sitting on your property… though it probably depends on where you live. We can’t imagine some hoity-toity homeowners’ associations being too willing to let people have cars sit on their lawns just because they’re encased in a giant plastic shell (although it does look kind of cool with its glowing lights).

The mid-sized option is just over 20 feet long. That might work for homes with driveways but no garage, especially in places with rough winters. One of the toughest things about leaving your car out in a cold climate is chipping away at an ice-covered windshield when you’re already late for work. Unfortunately, those of us with street parking will just have to keep exposing our rides to the elements.

We reached out to GazeBox for pricing information and will update the post with the company’s response.