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Breathe through turns.

Push yourself, focus on your technique, and enhance your stamina without turning your head or fighting for air. Water stays out of POWERBREATHER, even during sloping turns, and patented technology reduces the light CO2 build-up in your breath. You just breathe new air rich in oxygen – no matter how long your activity or time is. So start setting new goals, and keep reaching them.


Open water
The waves can not stop you.

Keep your focus and slide through the water and take advantage of your time with Mother Nature. Even in intermittent conditions, waves will not explode, so there is no need to stop diving and remove it. Innovative fuse technology ensures that the water stays out, leaving only oxygen-rich air. So, you can swim for as long as you like. Just remember to keep an eye on the beach, because your breathing will not slow you down.


Plunge into a whole new world

Strap on your fins, slide on POWERBREATHER, and go exploring. POWERBREATHER is the only diving tool that allows you to dive deep without the need to blow water when you return to the water surface. Smart valves keep the water out, and the one-way airflow pipes allow you to provide fresh air with oxygen. The underwater world is now your oyster.

Fed with strength

The patented AMEO FRESH AIR system makes POWERBREATHER unique. Unlike traditional snorkelling, you can exhale and exhaled through completely separate channels, ensuring that oxygen-rich air only enters your lungs. At the same time, innovative fuse technology prevents water from entering the energy. You can breathe naturally in the water as you do on the beach.

Inhale without fear of swallowing water. The patented AMEO FRESH AIR system completely separates the inhalation (through each tube) from exhalation (through the mouth), so oxygen-rich fresh air enters your lungs. The innovative valves prevent water from breaking and allow natural moisture from inhaled air to come out automatically with each exhalation, so you can breathe normally in the water as you would on the beach.

Dry, h a deeply inhaled without fear of swallowing – made possible with POWERBREATHER due to innovative LED technology and intelligent design. Along with the specifically formulated diffusers, that technology securely prevents water from entering the system. At the same time, the natural humidity of the inhaled air as well as the accidental water will be transferred out of the system automatically when exhale. This mechanism allows you to breathe freely at any time. Underwater…

POWERBREATHER makes swimming easier and safer, makes training more efficient, and improves performance – all because of innovative breathing technology (AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM)

The patented safety valve technology prevents water from entering during breathing. Options are available with additional resistance for more breathing training.

Quick Positioning brings D-TUBES to the right position for maximum comfort and convenience.

Ensures easy-to-use dial adjustment Convenient custom fit. POWERBREATHER remains safe even during quick turns.

Double tubes are formed for convenience and use for consumption only, so there is no risk of air exhaling containing carbon dioxide re-inserting your lungs.

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